Slitherio Game Play and Unblocked

The way to play slitherio game

Slitherio game is one of the most common and popular games, which is played by a number of users on the Internet. The slitherio game is easy to access, and can be played on a number of computers, as it do not require any specialized gaming rig. is a game, which is quite easy to play but very difficult to master. The motive of the slitherio game is quite easy to understand, and can see, there are a number of users or players, who want to reach the top of the leaderboard quite fast. Thus, it is very important to have a strategy, and before that, it is important to know about the complete game of can be played on a number of devices, including PC, Mobiles and tablets.

The main intention

In the game of, there are a number of snakes, who are scattered throughout the arena. You as a player will represent a particular snake on the arena. Apart from the snakes, there are also a number of food items, which are scattered in the arena. All the snakes will have to consume the food items in order to grow big, such that they can dominate the other snakes which are present on the same arena. Thus the game of is all about consuming food items in the arena and grow bigger and bigger.

Killing other players in slitherio game

In the slitherio game, a player can also kill another player within the arena, and feed on the corpse, to grow bigger faster than normal. It is quite easy to kill other snakes on the arena. The head of the other players or snakes on the arena should collide with the body of another snake. Once the activity happens, the snake which hits the body of another snake will die, and the corpse will be available for all the other players to feed on.

Being careful

Thus, while a user or a player play the slitherio game, he or she should be very careful that they do not die by hitting any other players on the arena. That is the only way a player can be defeated is. The more time a player spends on the arena, and feed or more food items, the greater will be his score on the leaderboard.


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