Some excellent Tips that you should follow

So, you’ve made your mind up to play the game of Survivio. Numerous people consider this game to be terrible and real bad version of Fortnite. However, the fact is that it’s an original game. It has numerous of the identical features and the official site also states you to consider it as the 2d adaptation of those games. Yet, there’re several differences.

While playing the game you can use various Tips. We are going discuss a few of them below!

Some excellent Tips that you should follow


A great part of how to play the game is attempting to view more than any other player. Scopes are present throughout the game map in 2x, 8x, 4x, and 15x and they just spawn every now and again. If you happen to be in a combat with an enormous scope you should make it lower by left clicking on the scope you fancy. The 4x scope is generally the highest that you’re going to come across in a game and anything in excess of that is overwhelming.


The map also has diverse structures that include warehouses, outhouses, red houses, containers, green houses, as well as banks.

Some Tips for the structures are:

Breaking the toilet what is within to make out!

Though the Warehouses have numerous crates, the general advice is to never go to them except when you happen to spawn beside them.

For Containers, you should go to them over parts with crates.

The Red Houses normally offer high-quality loot

The Green Houses normally offer Very high-quality loot. However, you should be ready for fighting your way out.

For the Banks, though it takes some time to open the vault the walls are going to give you high-quality loot.

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