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Fidget spinners are in trend. However, even if you don’t own one you can play for getting that experience. Fidget spinners presents you with a pristine way of plying with Fidget spinners. This is a multiplayer game that has a similar look and feel to numerous other .io titles.

Those who’ve played probably identify what to look forward to. is typically a FFA, with participants on the lookout for gaining power and bashing one another off the arena. However, there are numerous vital aspects that put this game above the remainders of the pack. RPM

RPM is the most vital stat in the game. The reason is that the swiftest spinner is the sturdiest. This is a game where there isn’t any way of growing. Instead, participants must slide along above colored dots for increasing their RPM. On a couple of opposing fidget spinners colliding, the one having a greater RPM is going to win. The other spinner is going to lose velocity. And on it not having sufficient RPM, it is going to fade away from the game map. A player in this game survives and dies by his/her RPM.


The game arena in is littered with tinted dots and black colored holes. The second, also branded as whirlpools, feature a miraculous property. It is that they propel fidget spinners at super-lightning speeds. Strong as well as weak players can capitalize on the whirlpools. Following having entered a dizzying portal, it is going to send a player soaring out the other face at a hazardous speed. The instantaneous boost’s a sword with two edges, as it lets speedy attacks whilst making feebler players more defenseless. Spurting out of the black hole also facilitates the collecting of colored dots. Express speed equals express rewards.

Winning Mode

In FFA isn’t the lone way of playing. The game consists of a Team mode. This mode divides the participants into a couple of factions, namely, Red and Blue. This two-team playing mode is a first-rate option for novices, since 50% of spinners in the game arena are your helpers. Living longer is easier in this mode as just 50% of other participants aim to overcome you.


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