Agario Likeio GamesSpace is amongst the most predicting games

What will you do if you find your game mate cheating on you by moving from a definite community to the other community? This is how this game works. This game has this special capacity that without your knowledge your game mate can easily change the community. He/she knows all your strength and weakness and can easily attack you.

A view of the game

The .io games will provide you everything that a kingdom needs. With these you can build your own kingdom and make the troops ready for the battle. At the very first stage you will not be allowed to enter any battle. After completing your kingdom with the way you want to the level starts. From this level you will came to know of more players who are associated with the clan. These members will instruct you how to fight it out against the enemy kingdom. You will also get to see the videos of the previous attacks that have been made by them.

The game format

In this unblocked your first fight will be that of an amateur. A clan will be selected by the game itself for attack. At that point of time your base will not get any type of attack from the other amateur clan group. After the attack is complete you will be provided a day to redesign your kingdom with the items that you achieve during the attack. After you redesign your kingdom it is now time for the opponent base to attack on your base. This will inform you if any other base wants to attack you when you are not playing the game.


The play will provide you with the controls to make your game run smoother. These controls will help you to realize when you have the opportunity to attack to gain more rewards or when an opponent member is going to attack you.


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