Classicio Games most wonderful video game Online video games and especially the series of .io games have always been an interesting part. Everyone gets addicted to it. This is quite obvious. The colourful elements within the screen make people attracted towards them. There are series of video games across the globe, which is really wonderful.

Aim of the game is a very exciting and adventurous too. It is basically a shooter game in which you have to control a ship by taking into control the entire battlefield. This is the main goal of the game. Just take hold of your guns and shoot down your enemies.

Procedure of playing the game

There is a complete set of procedures in play. Paint the map as much as possible by avoiding the guns and bullets of the enemies. Your ship will automatically move forward. Besides this press the left key and take a turn. When you are going to shoot you have to press the space button. Touch or press anywhere on the screen and the ship will stop immediately. If you wish to fire and fight against the enemies simply press the button on the lower end. This is the way you have to continue the game.

Some more tips of the game                                           

Now let’s have a look on some of the tips that are needed in playing unblocked. Too much of acceleration is not good in this game. Try to avoid it as much as possible. Keep a safe distance from drones as they can kill you quite easily. Always prefer painting the corners. It is the best option of taking part in the game. While shooting slowly down to improve your accuracy. It is most preferred. If you maintain these tips it will be quite easy for you to win the game. This is a very important tip.


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