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We can say that is one of the best MMO (massively multiplayer online) games ever developed in more recent times. All over the world, millions of game addict play this online web browser strategy game. controls play Controls

Many people try to find some guides on the net nowadays. In this article, we’ll inform you about controls and mods. controls game

Simple Game Controls

In the original one, controls are very simple. You do not need your mouse in this game. controls

You have to use arrow keys on keyboard in order to control your little ball. You direct it with the help of these keys. All you need is keyboard arrows in original That’s all!

play controls

There Is Some Extra Control Keys In Mod

On the other hand, if you download and install any mod, game controls may vary by additional features in mod. For example, if you check out our mods page, you’ll see mod which offers zoom hack. To use this zoom hack provides you an advantage while playing the game.

play game controls

But if you want to use this hack, you have to use your mouse wheel or the relevant area on touch pad in notebook as controls. Generally it’s quite easy to direct your tiny ball in game of

game controls

You can check out our page, find game and try to play it through our website. We can assure you that you will love this new, simple browser game.

game play controls

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