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As new games go out on the market, interest in old games has decreased. This declining ended one day. That day it was the outbreak of ‘’io’’ style games.

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Splix.io Download

Agar.io was very popular on the first day. A web-based game, but this reason didn’t prevent her from rising. Agar.io was very popular.

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Later on, similar games appeared on the market. Splix.io is also a game like agar.io.

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How To Play Splix.io

Splix.io is slightly different from other games in the same style. There is no bait for this game. It is important to have dominance in this game. By moving and drawing squares in your circle, you must return to where you started. When you return it will belong to you.


You can think of it as the border line of a country. There is competition as in other games. Covering the largest area, it rises to the 1st place in the list. You must be careful to rise. İf you make small mistakes you lose. How to Splix.io download? Please keep reading.

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Splix.io How To Play?

Splix.io can be downloaded. Splix.io download is very basic. This web based game can also be played without downloading. It is played with the help of arrow keys. Our goal in the game is to have the largest area. The area we have is painted in our color.

splix.io play

Try to get out of the area ,except for our colour and paint a region. Then go back to your own space. The area you draw will be our color. This way you can enlarge your space.

How To Download Splix.io?

Splix.io download is simple to do.Splix.io download Splix.io is played without downloading. Splix.io is in the mobile markets. You can download this game for your mobile device. We have a solution for those who want to download it to their computer.

splix.io play game

For this we need another program and splix.io apk file. The name of this program is ”Bluestacks”. Download this program from your computer. Then download the apk format file. Open the Apk file with the BlueStacks program. Make the installation. Now you can play the game on your computer.


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