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The proper strategy of playing game unblocked Game Unblocked the new users of any kind of game requires a proper strategy to win or reach towards the top of the leaderboards. Thus, if you’re planning to start game unblocked game, you will also need a proper strategy, which can be helpful for you.

As far as the strategy of a game is concerned, it varies with time, and the strategy might change, when you move towards the top of the leaderboards. But the same it’s not applicable for game unblocked version, or the normal version of the game. The strategy is same throughout the game, and patience is the key, to be a winner in the game. Apart from that, there are a number of users, who follow an incorrect strategy, which leads to the defeat of the user.

The false game unblocked strategy

One of the common strategies, which is followed by a number of users is that, they should play slowly in the beginning, but should start conquering but territories after that, when a user has conquered a minimum of 5000 blocks. That is completely wrong, as the user can be killed in the same way, when he has access to more than 5000 blocks. The best way is to play in a proper and uniform way throughout the game.

Be patient

There are various kinds of players, who play the game unblocked. The players, who play the unblocked version of the .io games list can easily get over the players, who are not playing the game with any kind of mods or hacks. Thus, for a normal user, it is but possible to know the quality of the other players. Playing patiently, by conquering and amount of territories, is the best possible way to win the game and conquer maximum blocks.

The best strategy

The player should start playing the game unblocked by conquering small territories, and do that till the end of the game. You can even find the list of other players in the arena, within a small square, which is available at the corner of the screen. The small square will show all the other players, if that square is not blocked by using any kind of game unblocked or addon.


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