Splix.io Immortality

Web-based games are popular these days. There are many reasons for this. These games do not require installation. They can be played anywhere. If you want to have fun, you can play a web based game.

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Splix.io Immortality

One of those games is Splix.io. Now we will talk about this game. We will also give you the secret of splix.io immortality in this article. Keep reading.

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General Features

There is no bait in the game. There are fields in the game. The winner with the largest area. Grow the field. Also protect your area. That makes you a good player. Watch your enemies. They want to destroy you.

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Get rid of them. The game has information on the screen. In the upper right corner there is a score board. There is a map in the upper left corner. The map is important to grow. At the bottom left you will see your own score.

splix.io game


W, A, S, D keys to move the character. Arrow keys also do this. Do not play with the mouse. Play with the keyboard.

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Suggestion to Be Better

Be careful to be better. The opponents might be in places you have not seen. Visible areas may disappear. Protect yourself while growing up. Let’s talk about splix.io immortality.


Do You Want To Be Immortal?

You may need to make a phone call. Or you might need to get up from the table. In these situations you can be immortal with a trick. Splix.io immortality is simpleFirst you should use Google Chrome Browser. Search by typing ” Splix.io Mod ” on the search bar. Set up the extension that appears.

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This extension will give you immortality. Press ” P ” while walking in your own field. The character will be fixed there. You can do it on this. Have Fun.


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