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Starblast.io is an online game that has been created by Neuronality. The player would have to take control of a spaceship to shoot down all the asteroids and collect all the crystals and gemstones. You can also use the crystals to upgrade your ship or buy a brand ship. You can also choose from a number of upgrades.

Playing the game

Starblast.io game is one of the most exciting online games that can be played by a number of players. This is a cool space shooter game where you can wade through some of the most exciting adventures that include exploding stars and black holes. Increase your skills, defeat your enemies and earn points. Complete all the levels and maximize your points and then you can also upgrade to new models of ships, new backgrounds and new weapons. The game comprises of an amazing universe that is comprised of gems that help to upgrade your fighting machines to the next model if your spaceship is perfect, the spaceship would move faster and greater.

The control of the best-hacked games

Starblast.io play would give you a chance to survive for two minutes. Login and choose a nickname and you would find yourself in interstellar space. It is however not easy to protect yourself in space. You can play with the buttons of the WASD keyboard and move on the playing surface up and down and left and right and shoot with the left mouse button. If you can shoot your opponent, you get ten points. If you hit the asteroid several times, it changes your direction of movement.

The starblast.io private server

You can play Starblast.io unblocked online games at the private server of iogames.com. This is an awesome multiplayer browser game whose mission is to accumulate more and more crystals. You can upgrade your ship, change your weapon and also buy more lives for your ship that you already have.

Starblast.io Play

Starblast io Play Guide Picture
Starblast io Play Guide Picture


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