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Starblast.io – get ready for excitement in space

Starblast.io is a multiplayer arcade space shooting .io games that has been created by Neuronality. The game involves shooting of asteroids and enemies as well in order to collect gemstones and crystals. You can also upgrade your ship and weapons to the next model, buy new ships and more lives for the ships that are already present.

About the game

Get ready to play an incredible and addictive space Starblast.io game that is a theme shooter game where the players need to take control of a small ship in the beginning and then accumulate more amounts of gems to increase the statistics. Once you have accumulated enough statistics that are available for a ship, you can evolve your model into a different spaceship with a different kind of weapons and background.

How to play the game

Avoiding other players and accumulating gems and rocks until you are powerful enough to defend yourself can play the Starblast.io play submissively and gently. Once you are powerful enough, you can play aggressively and attack people who are roaming around or farming. You initially start as a small ship and slowly play the game and evolve into a larger ship where you can also change your models and weapons. The game can be played with a friend or other players as well as it are a multiplayer game.

What are the controls of the game?

The Starblast.io unblocked offers players two options for every action. You can control your ship either with the help of arrow keys and fire by the space bar or you have the option to use your mouse as well. You need to hold your mouse and right click and drag it around while you shoot with the left click. This is the best way of controlling the mouse in the game. Starblast.io is an exciting game that is sure to bring in spine chilling excitement for the players who love playing online games.


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