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Mobile games are highly preferred today. So many games are on the market. We want to play the games we played on the computer platform on the phone.

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The producers are not turning this back on us. The mobile version of many computer games has been removed to the market.Web based games are a popular game.

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One of them There is a mobile version of this game. Let’s talk about how to install apk.

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How Do You Rate Controls?

The game is simple. Our aim is to protect our space. It will not be enough to protect. We should grow up next to the guard. We have to be careful when we grow our space. Apk

If the opponents touch us, we lose. We have to start over. We control the character with the arrow keys. It can also be controlled by mouse. If you want to increase the score, you have to have a lot of space. Be careful. Your enemy should not touch you. Apk game

Do you like the game? You can download the apk file to install on your phone.

How Do I Play On A Mobile Device?

First, you need to install the apk file on your phone. Apk play

You can find this file on many sites on the internet. It can be downloaded through the Google Play Store. Perform the installation after downloading. Open the game. The game is similar to the web version. The controls will change. The top left corner will be the map. Your statistics will be in the middle. In the upper right corner there will be a scoreboard. You can control the game by touching your screen. Apk play game

You do not want to play through the browser, but if you want to play on a computer, there is a solution. Download this APK file from your computer. Then download the ” Bluestacks ” program. Open and install the APK file with this application. Your game is ready to play like a telephone on your ready-made computer.


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