io Games Game Unblocked game unblocked is a game of tactics game unblocked is a remake of the op game however with more directions for moving in. The game maps are diminutive and the number of players are less I comparison to However, this is a game where a player hardly ever experiences lag. For moving, a player uses the mouse.

Every single block on game unblocked has a value of 1 point and takes up 0.003 of the game map. The block has a hexagonal shape instead of the square shape in While playing this game a player cannot view his/her location on the game map. However, the player will know the amount of the game map that he/she has occupied. For killing other participants a player has to simply strike their tail when they happen to on the outside of their land. A player must be cautious when venturing outside his/her land too far! game unblocked – the Multiplayer Hexagon online IO Game

Motivated by the game, the pristine cool IO game game unblocked brings enhanced graphics, extensive color palette & more excitement into a primary edition. Different from other well-liked IO games that include, in this game you don’t require eating other players. In this game your objective is to conquer as numerous hexagons lying on the map as likely by enclosing it using your tinted trail and joining it back to your present territory. Every single block in this game has a value of 1 point and takes up 0.003% of the game map. You are going to win this game on conquering the complete map, which is when your territory gets to 100%. You must be cautious as on another player touching your trail you’re going to lose and commence all over again.

The way of playing the game

For controlling his/her character a player just requires using the mouse. The character of the player is going to go after the drawn trajectory. The player must create terrain by the drawing of shapes using the colored line and joining them back to his/her present territory. A player’s weak spot is his/her line. On an enemy touching it, it’s game over for him/her. A player can also join any adjacent pieces to his/her base and pinch hexagons from other participants and certainly take their life for winning more space for extension. A player must make certain that he/she doesn’t strike the perimeters of the game map. On doing this, his/her efforts are going to be pointless.


If you have read the above parts well you already know that game unblocked is a game of tactics. This makes it a very interesting game.


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