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Superhex.io Gameplay

A lot of games are on the market. These games have a strong infrastructure in general. The majority of these games requires good computers. But web-based games do not need higher processor speeds. It’s much easier to turn on these games.

game superhex.io

Superhex.io Gameplay

Thanks to these games people gain a new gaming experience. They are simple but fun. We will give information about superhex.io game which is one of these games. Now we give information about superhex.io gameplay.

How To Play This Game

Playing the game is simple. Superhex.io gameplay is fun. We use mouse when we play this game. With mouse we move our character. We must be careful when moving it.

If we make a wrong move, all our savings will disappear. We must grow and protect our space as well.

play Superhex.io

You can also use the direction keys to control our character. You should have as much space as possible. If you have a lot of space, you win the game. You should not let the enemy touch you while you do this. If your enemy is touching your line while you grow your field, you will disappear. You should pay attention to that.


What Is The Different From Other Games?

This game is different from other io games. Superhex.io gameplay does not contain food.

superhex.io game

There is an area. Your goal here is to enlarge your space. As you grow your field, you can defeat more enemies. Defeat enemy you take up takes you to the top of the rankings.

It will be good to proceed with caution. The most important point of playing this game is to play with your enemies carefully.


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