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There are many high-graphics, mobile games. The new games continue to go out on the market. Simple and 2D games were over. The high-graphics games had entered the market.

game Mobile Mobile

But still 2D games have enter again the market. One of the biggest examples of this is mobile version attracts the attention of the players.

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How Is It A Game?

Our goal in this game is a bit different from other games. There is no food we need to eat in this game. Our aim in this vote is to enlarge our field. At first we start with a small field.

play Mobile

We have to work to have the largest area. This game is a web-based game. Although it is a small game, it is very popular. It is played by many people. Thanks to its popularity, mobile market have also entered. Mobile

How To Play Mobile

To play mobile, you must first enter Android Platform. Mobile game play

If you search here as you will find the game. If you do not want to download it via the market, there are APK files on many internet sites. You can download these apk files. Mobile play

You can play the game on your phone. There is no difference in the mobile version of the game. It is the same as the computer. Control on the phone may be more difficult. This will not be a problem for professional players. Mobile play game

Be careful always will win. You must be 1. defeating all enemies with discretion. Good luck to you.


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