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The games are indispensable for us. Games entertain people. Some games are eye catching. Some games are simple. Eye-catching graphics may not be necessary for the popularity of games.

game Mods

Web-based games can be popular. One of those games is We will inform you about this game. We will also talk about how mods are made.

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What IS The Purpose Of The Game?

Our motto is to broaden our space. This game is different from other ” IO ” games. There is no bait in this game. We do not eat food. In the game, we are drawing lines to expand our space.


In every move we incorporate hexagons into our own field. The more hexagons we grow, the sooner we grow. If we want to see my step on the scoreboard, we must have a lot of space.

How To Play?

Playing this game is simple. We can control our character with the arrow keys. Control with the help of mouse can be provided. First of all, try to enlarge your space. Do not go too far as you grow. Get close to your own territory. Always keep the area safe. game

You might be the ones who want to take over the area. Get out of your area and draw a new field. When you do this, you are inevitable when the enemy touches you. Protect yourself and grow your space. Let’s talk about mods. game play

Get Outstanding With Mods

There is an important mods in the game. This mode is ” Zoom ” mode. You need to see your surroundings as you grow your space. With this mode you can easily see around. Actually it is not exactly mod. They are simple mods. First, enter the game. After starting the game, press ” F12 ” key. The page structure will be related to the writing. These article do not interest us. play game

When you look at the screen, you can see your character from a distance. It is easier for you to look from a distance. On this count, you can see what you are approaching. When you first make the game freeze for 5 minutes. It will be fixed in 5 minutes. Have fun.


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