Video Slightly Updated Woods Mode + Winning With Weird Crosshairs!! ( Woods Event)

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  1. Dope mope is from Wisconsin, Milwaukee. To prove it at 4:09 someone’s name was BREWERS WIN!!!!! He said like the name but die. Brewers is a baseball time from Wisconsin, Milwaukee. Welp, that is my theory

  2. the purple rectangular one might (but probably isn't) a reference to the Predator franchise. The plasma casters (the plasma cannons) the predators use have a triangular cross hairs, but the corners of the triangle for those crosshairs are missing, there are extra lines as if to make a second outer triangle, and the triangles are red. It might be a reference to another sci-fi. I've seen plenty of sci-fis use triangular cross hairs. Though it's possible that i'm just over thinking it and it's not actually a reference to anything and the devs just thought it looked neat

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