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The burning death pit

Have you been tired of playing the cute and funny games again and again? Are you looking for a change? Then time now for some dangerous action on a deathly pit of lava. will surely take away all your lethargy while keeping you engaged in the game all throughout. It is the best of all latest action .io games, which is very demanding and entertaining at the same time.

A game of fatal death play is a game of fatal death, where you may die if you get hit by the enemies and fall into the death pit of lava. It is solely a game of survival where you have to battle out the opponents to stay alive. You will get rivals from other countries, they are also after your life and want to fall you into the lava pit. You will have various options of weapons, you can pick that you like or fascinate about.

More on the game

This is game requires intelligence and tactfulness, which is mandatory to win any battle. The graphics of the game is extraordinary to make you feel the rawness of a lava pit. It does look very scary, and the fight gets even scarier when you have to constantly balance between not falling down and killing your foes. The game focuses on killing your opponents and collecting them will get you extra benefits. The more you shoot your enemies, the more you will be stronger and rewarded with armor, and other stuff. The best part of the game is can be played on the browser instead of download and free of registration hazards.

Way to play it

Like in any other game, in unblocked also you have to show your intellect to hunt and shoot the heads of your enemies. The game is designed very interestingly with various deadly weapon options. Depending on your preferred arms, you can choose the level of the game. The first class is known as Triggerman for those who love the submachine gun. The second is called Vince; it is for gamers who like shotguns, followed by Hunter, Franklin, and lastly the Spray N Pray. They are meant for players who love sniper, revolver, and mini gun respectively.


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