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The Online Game called

The Online Game called , This is among the most played game all round the world. The game has been played by people of all ages. But it has been found that the young ones are hooked on this game than the people of other age. In this game you have to save your kingdom from the other people of the other kingdom. They will attack your kingdom and you have to save it.

Overview of the game

In the a kingdom will be provided to you. At the very stage you have to modify the kingdom with the soldiers and the generals. The generals and the kings will be provided with a simple power. Making them available in the war with the others can raise these powers. The generals must be provided with powers before any war and that the king also. Other than the king and the general the extra forces must be bought with the points that have been gained from the war. This will led you to cover more levels and helps in gaining rewards.

The formation of the game

The game play is formatted in such a manner that at any point of time anyone can fight against you. So you have to be cautious while making your kingdom. The game is going to provide you with all the materials to cover your kingdom from the outside forces. You have to apply all your brainpower to make the kingdom safe and protected against the attackers. Also bring all the defense powers and place them in such a position that they can safeguard your kingdom in the game .io games.

Some facts about the game

The game unblocked through online. It can be played either in mobile or in the cell phones. You will get different kinds of player in the community that you have choose to be part of. They will guise you all through the levels.


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