Top 10 BEST .io Games of All Time!

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  1. 3:50 that wasnt a critical hit, thast's the AWM-S it can one shot a player even if the player who shot it is a less skilled sniper, thats why its a golden airdrop item with only a tiny chance of getting

  2. There is always a game of pearl defence going on, you just have to wait for the currently ongoing game of players to finish their round and they all flood back into the lobby. I have seen it go from 4 to full lobby in seconds when a round ends. is not dead.

  3. That is cool Shyguymask! Glad to read your comment about each game, and that you're glad to have been able to start the channel based on io games ^^.
    ps: Is there a way to contact you?

  4. How many dodges does it take to beat: Mario and Luigi Dream team?
    Do it pleaaaase is my favorite mario and luigi game and for be really i thing that will get a bit more than 70 dodges

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