io GamesPower Up is a space based shooter game where you would be in charge of a circular spaceship that is equipped with guns and a shield generator and you would have to fight against all the other players. This is a cool multiplayer game, which can be played with friends and family. Unblocked unblocked is a cool game, which would transport you to the outer space. You would be in charge of a circular spaceship and would be equipped with all kinds of weapons and guns and would have to battle against your opponents. One of the best features of this game is that Vanar .io games is the space physics and if you boost the spaceship in one direction, you will not stop multiplayer game

Vanar Play

The play game is simple to play and it is interesting as well. You would need to shoot into other ships and avoid destroying yourselves as you delve into space in and out. Always ensure that you have the shield with you to protect you or you may be attacked by the enemies and die. There are various asteroids that are dotted around, but you can easily drive around them. You do not have infinite ammunitions to play around with and your ammo may finish as fast as refilling. It takes time to reload the ammo after 20 shots. Do not shoot without any focus and always try and save your bullets to defend yourself.
The controls of the game
You can just go forward with your space ship by using the W button. You can also use A and D to steer left or right and also boost in other directions. The Space bar can be used to shoot your weapon and shift is used for your shield in the game.

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