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Warscrap.io face the marauding machine race

Warscrap.io is a Forceful third-person game of shooting and defense! Here, you preserve the machines from against invasions by foes in conjunction with your fellow combatants. A player gets a caution when a foe is attacking one of his/her machines. The player has the option of purchasing new guns as well as characters using the energy that he/she receives during combat.

The game of Warscrap.io had been brought out in the month of November of the year of 2017.

The way of playing Warscrap.io

Being the Warscraper, the objective of the player in Warscrap.io is to preserve the core reactors and his/her base from the marauding machine race. The marauding machine race is on the lookout for capturing as well as destroying every human kind! The player has to contend for the peak Rank on the game Leader board and make Cores (in-game coinage) for unlocking added Gear as well as Weapons for being of help in his/her battle against the machines. The players who go and join the fight are the resistance in this game as the Warscrapers.

A new sort of game

The greater number of .io games today happen to be 2D, having a spotlight on unfussy competitive game play on any browser. The warscape team made their mind up for taking it up a step! WarScrap presents an exclusive supportive game play style, in which the participants get together for battling a persistent invading machine militia! The key aim of the player is to guard his/her base and more than a few core reactors in a 3 dimensional, micro-open planet setting. A player must contend for the upmost rank on the game leader board, and make cores (in-game coinage) for unlocking further gear and weapons for aiding in the battle against the machines.

Game Features and controls

  • Co-op combat with other participants
  • Third-person view
  • Arbitrary gift following a definite time
  • Desktop browser
  • Platform
  • WASD for moving
  • L for locking/unlocking mouse
  • Space bar for jumping
  • Right click for switching weapon
  • Left click for attacking

To summarize, in the .io games of Warscrap.io you team up with other scrapers for defeating the machine race.


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