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Today, many strategy games are produced. People love strategy-style games. Therefore, these games are being put on the market. People do not have time. People may want to play a strategy game when they take a little break. It could be a business environment. Or it could be a school.

about best base Best Base

It could be a break. It’s impossible to play big games at this time. Instead, web-based games have emerged that can be played even on mobile phones. The most important of these games is the game. We will tell you about the contents of this game. Also how to install best base? We will give you information on this.

best base

General Features Of the Game

The game offers us the possibility of development. Zombies are attacking at certain time intervals. In response to this attack we are required to protect our own base. You need to protect this base. vibes - Best Base

You are doing gold production at this headquarters. Or you are doing other valuable mineral production. If you get hurt and die, you lose the game. First of all, you should design a sheltered and intelligent base. I’m going to tell you about the subtleties of this base. Besides … we will talk about how it comes. base

Game Controls

The game is played with the help of keyboard arrow keys and mouse. It can also be played with the help of w, a, s, d keys. Attack with the left mouse button. You also collect mines. The more mines you collect, the better. Let’s talk about best base. best base

Most Protected Area

When you enter the game, you must go to the corner. You must build your base at the corner. The number of facades you will protect on this count will decrease to 2. First of all, we make lots of things that make gold production. Then we have weapons to protect them.

zombio best base

Weapons need to be varied. This provides a more effective attack. Then close the 2 open doors that are open to the wall. You can construct 3-4 floors wall. You may be invincible at this point. It’s that simple to best base.  1024x576 - Best Base

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