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One of the most popular topics these days is web-based games. You can play these games without any installation and all you need are a browser and internet. Dowload

They can be played on any device. At this text, we will give some information about Crazy Games

zombio dowload

What Is is one of the web-based games. In the game, you are small and cute character and the only thing that you have is a pickaxe. The main aim of the game is to collect as much as resources and try to survive as long as possible.

Zombio Crazy Games

After collecting some resources, you have to start building a base and defend yourself because zombies will attack you at night times.

zombies survival

What Does Offer Us?

Actually it is a strategy game. You can buy some weapons, traps and towers to defend your base and you have to place them wisely. Alson, location of the base is important. You need to be close enough to resources but at the same time, the base has to be defendable. At the beginning, zombie defence could be easy but it will be harder day by day.

about dowload Crazy Games gets tough when days passed. If you like to play games with struggles, is a great game for you.  You can play Crazy Games and get a lot of fun.

zombio dowload about

Where Else Can I Play?

Some sites may be forbidden at your location. You can try on a site named Crazy Games. You can play there and there is also web browser extensions available. Join the Crazy Games and have fu.

Zombie Tower Survival


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