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There are mant type of games  as the new games come out continuously. The number of web-based games is increasing day by day. People want to play games whereever they want and web-based games are good solution for that.

zombio game Download is one of the web-based game that involves survival mechanism. It is slightly different from other io games because in order to survive in you need a good strategy. Dowload

You are controlling cute yellow character with its pickaxe at the beginnig and if you want to surive in this world, first you have to collect some resources. Also, collecting resources is not enough to survive. You have to build a base and defend yourself against evil zombies at night.

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Why Should I Download

Actually, web-based games do not require any installation. Having a web browser and internet connection is enough to play web-based games.

Zombie Tower Survival

Altough is one of web-based games, you may want to play with donwloading. That gives you chance to play anytime and anywhere you want. download is a simple task to do.

zombies survival


How Can I Download

Let’s talk about download now.

play zombio

In order to download, you need another program named as “Bluestacks” for your device.

  1. First download Bluestacks program to your computer.
  2. Then download the apk file of which can be found at internet easily.
  3. After downloading them, open apk file of with the Bluestacks program
  4. Confirm the installation

about zombio

Now, you can play on your device anytime and anywhere you want. Have fun with zombies.


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