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Zombie.io Gameplay

A new game is added to the game world every day. The contents of these games are changing. Every new game can be a different kind. Some of the games are big. Some games are very small. It is so small that there is no need to setup.

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These games are web based games. It may look like a simple structure. But these games are not simple. One of those games is Zombs.io. We will talk about some things about this game. We will also talk about zombie.io gameplay.


How are the Game Controls?

There are many controls in this game. Depending on your choice, this can change. First you can play with the arrow keys. You can also play games with w, a, s, d keys. These keys will allow you to control your character. With the mouse you will check where your character looks. Let’s talk about zombie.io gameplay.

Zombie.io Gameplay

How to Play Game?

The purpose of the game is simple. At night the zombies attack. You need to be protected from these attacks. You need to set up a base yourself.

zombie.io slither hunter

You build this base through the resources you gather around. There are many sources around. You collect these resources. The left mouse button attacks and collects. You must be fast in this attack and aggregation process. There is also gold production.

zombie.io slither hunter

You are building some things for this. The constructions that you are building are also attacking at night. You’re building weapons around you to protect. You also build the city walls. You’re doing a more protected base on this count. It’s so simple zombie.io gameplay.


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