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Gold stash cannot be moved, yet other buildings can be placed again. Until the gold stash has been placed, wave count will not start, so place it when you are ready.

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Get somewhere 5 – 10 thousand gold and stone before placing the gold stash to ensure you will not run out. You can use spacebar to auto-mine. Find multiple resource spots, thus you can get a lot more resources per swing.

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Death takes away twenty five percent of your resources but not zombie wave difficulty. Be cautious while moving around. In this article, there are some helpful tips about setting up a safe base. game

How To Set Up A Base

Consider setting up the base near a clustered resource spot, to decline the level of harvesting effort.

Don’t build your base too close to Summoning Stones. Your Bomb Towers may attract attention when zombies attack. Build mage towers behind melee towers, as mage towers thrust the zombies back. game play

So melee towers do not get damaged but zombies do. Do not design a base dispersedly. Bigger base means more expenses for base walls and less effective tower fire. Do not build double layer walls until late waves, thus wasting your resources and slowing down progress. play

Bomb Towers have different range and damage, place them wisely. Don’t include a resource spot inside your base. As it increases the area that needs to be defended, it will also increase costs. play game

Do not use the resource spots as “base border”, because small zombies may pass through between resource and wall; also bomb towers will not have wide field of view.

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