io Games Cheats MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) game involves mining activities and base protection. You control a tiny yellow character, armed with a pick in game.

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The main goal in this game is to set up a solid base and keep it safe from zombie attacks. In this article, you will be informed of how to be successful with cheats.

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Playing Game

First of all, you need to be really patient and cautious in game. Wave after wave the zombies will become increasingly strong, so you need to play wisely.

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You can, however, play this game with a number of cheats codes. Start setting up your base as soon as zombies come in sight. Start building the towers with help of stone and wood resources. Try building turrets to defend your mines and your buildings. cheats

The strong walls will help you to keep your base safe and prevent from zombie attacks. cheats game

Using Cheat Codes And Hacks cheats will aid you in winning the game easily. cheats game play

The cheats will give you unlimited gold to construct more towers and buildings. Try building as much mines as possible for producing high gold income. Also try shopping additional weapons with your free gold that you collect with cheats.

game play cheats

These cheats will also enable you to upgrade walls of your base and make them stronger as zombies also become stronger step by step. Use these cheats and hacks carefully and wisely, if you do that, you will surely win the game.

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