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“Build, Defend and Survive” This is what the addictive game is all about! The player of controls a small yellow character, armed with a pick. The primary purpose of this zombie game is to remain alive as long as possible.

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To begin with, player has to collect some wood and stone. After player collects enough, he can build a gold stash, and then start extracting gold. In day time player is safe, but when it gets dark, his base breaks out in a horde of hungry zombies, have to protect his base against.

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Player can get different weapons, traps and towers in the game shop and place them around his base. That will help him to keep all gold mines safe.

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A solid fort is needed during the game, so player needs to collect a lot of stone and wood. The most important thing that player must always keep in mind is to improve his defense consistently, because zombies become stronger gradually every passing day.

To increase the chance to win, player can team up with other players and build bigger and stronger base together, so player of controls his own base easily.

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How To Play controls controls are very easy. To move the character in game, player uses WASD keys and MOUSE to look around. controls play

To build, gather and attack, player presses the left mouse button. Other important controls: “E” key for Upgrade Quick, “F” key for Heal, “B” for entering the shop menu and “SPACE” for chat menu.

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