Video GOLD HACK! AUTO GOLD STONE AND WOOD HACK! Unlimited gold hack in World record!

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  1. I got it the hack! Check!

    1. Install
    2. Go tampermonkey
    3. Give tampermonkey acess
    4. Press "create new script"
    5. Copy the installed hack
    6. Put the copied hack in new script
    7. Press "save"
    8. Go
    9. Activate the "unknown script" (this unknown script is the gold hack that u put)
    10. Refresh page
    11. Play game and enjoy!

    How to use:

    1. Go settings
    2. The mod have gold hack including other thigs but DONT use any hack beacuse i will ruine the gold hack
    3. Get some wood and stone
    4. Put the 8 gold generators
    5. Get more wood and stone
    6. Put slow traps
    7. Press "save traps"
    8. Press "activate gold generator"
    9. Slow traps will do something crazy
    10. You will start losing wood and stone but u will start gaining wood and stone too
    11. After activating hack the hack will have 10 seconds of auto upgrade
    12. Enjoy!

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