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The prime purpose of game is to gather as much resources as possible and survive as long as possible. In this free browser game, you control a tiny, cute yellow character that is armed with a pickaxe. At the beginning, you have to gather some wood and stone.

game Strategy

After getting enough resources, a gold stash can be built, and then start generating gold. You are safe in daytime. Your base, however, will be invaded by hordes of evil zombies at nights.

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You must defend your base against them. In strategy is very important. You must buy weapons, traps, towers and place them around your base wisely. This will help you keep all mines safe.


The Importance Of Strategy In

You have to attach a great importance to strategy. You may consider setting up your base near a clustered resource spot to save time. game

If you build your base in a corner of the map, you will avoid getting attacked by zombies or foes from all sides. game play

You need a solid fort during the game, because of this, you should gather resources as much as possible. You have to always keep an eye on your base. play

You have to improve your defense consistently by strengthening your walls or placing the towers wisely. Every passing day, evil zombies become stronger. In strategy can be developed with help of other players. play game

You can team up and build a bigger base with them. In this way, you can control your base more comfortably.


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