ZOMBS.IO UNBEATABLE BASE!! // MASSIVE 100 Million+ High Score (Tier 7 Update)

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  1. You just put that game to shame bc it’s lame I just be living in this massive game be spittin flames if you ask me I’m da hardest to tame I’m slayin you better be obeyin come claim your loss game you’ve just been burned now you’ll never be the same you shouldn’t have came ROASTED

  2. I made a clan when i was little like 9 or something and made a clan that had 4 one was me and the other 3 were just noobs like me just playing for fun and we played like an hour and so we became top i was the leader ofc because i started all of that we had emerald base we raided a base that tried to kill us several times but they left out of rage they were salty obviously fortnite like xP (i don't like fortnite i like PUBG mobile and PUBG :]

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