io Games Unblocked Game unblocked game its essentials, tools, and buildings unblocked game is a 2 dimensional tower protection MMO. The game is centered on building as well as survival. For playing this game all that you require doing is going over to the official website! Nest, we are going to talk about some aspects of this rather exciting io game.

The essentials of unblocked game

In unblocked game, the player controls a small yellow colored character, armed with nothing but a pickaxe. The player is tasked with the harvesting of resources in close proximity with a pickaxe. The resources include wood & stone. With such resources, the player can commence building his/her base, commencing with the Gold Stash.

The Gold Stash having been built, the player starts harvesting gold by the placing of Gold Mines. The base having been built the player must preserve it from foes that include zombies, which emerge at night, and gain strength with every passing day. Next, the player must place towers for helping in defending his/her base. All towers in the game have different abilities.

Next, the player buys and upgrades pristine armor, tools, and further items from the shop for helping him/her along the way. As the player progresses through this game he/she can level up his/her base as well as character. A player also has the option of teaming up with more players for building a greater and stronger base.

Tools in the game

Tools in the unblocked game are items that are of use in gathering resources and for attacking hostiles. A number of tools suit different tasks better. A player can buy .upgrade tools in the game Shop. The tools are

  • Pickaxe
  • Spear
  • Bow
  • Bomb
  • Health Potion
  • Pet Potion
  • Whistle
  • Special Abilities that include Shield, Timeout, and Invulnerability

Buildings in the game

Buildings in this .io games list game are structures that a player can construct. Such buildings have need of resources for making. Buildings can get destroyed on being attacked. Buildings are upgradable by picking them and spending further resources on them.

The buildings that are available in unblocked game fall into two categories, namely, base buildings and towers. The base buildings are vital for creating and conserving your base. Towers are going to attack foes for you & your party. As their attack methods are extensive their strategic placement is vital for the survival of a player.


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