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Imagine a world with a horde of zombies surrounds you. That sounds bloodcurdling, doesn’t it? is an addictive two dimensional tower defense MMO (massively multiplayer online) game that has the catch line: “Build. Defend. Survive”.

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The game is focused on both construction works and the struggle for survival.


What Are The Steps To Stay Alive In Game?

To begin with, a gold stash has to be built then you have to establish your base to defend yourself against zombies, which come out at nights, and become stronger gradually every passing day. You need to (actually have to) build towers and gold mines after then you can use the market to buy useful weapons and upgrade.


To sum up briefly, the first thing that should be done in is to build a fort and pay attention to zombies attacks. That’s a strategy game because of that you need to make correct and quick decisions and gather as much stone and wood as possible. Try to join free game and play with other players from all corners of the earth.

Game Controls

Movement: Arrow keys or W, A, S, D

Turn: Mouse

Gather – Attack – Build: Left Click

Unselect: Right Click or Esc

Quick Upgrade: E

Quick Heal: F

Quick Sell: T done in

Cycle Weapons: Q

Upgrade All: Hold Alt or Shift

Shop Menu: B, O or I

Party Menu: P

Auto Gather – Attack – Build: Space game

1: Select Wall

2: Select Door

3: Select Slow Trap

4: Select Arrow Tower

5: Select Cannon Tower

6: Select Melee Tower

7: Select Bomb Tower

8: Select Mage Tower is to build

9: Select Gold Mine

0: Select Harvester

Tab/Enter: Chat

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